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About me

Fairy tales weddings. Real life fairy tales. That's what weddings are. From the moment the question is proposed, to the riding off into the sunset, it's a story of adventure, hope and love.

I am a story teller. Someone who loves to infuse experiences and what I have learned in life, into my wedding photography.

I grew up in the Quachita Mountains of Arkansas. I was a curious kid. Always exploring. Always learning. Always wanting to know what was over the next hill. I helped my grandfather in his pastures and in his gardens. My dad was a school teacher, and a preacher, and he raised me with a profound faith in God, and hope for life. My mother instilled in me a love and desire to care for others.

Over the years, and with my work, I have traveled to places near and far. I have seen and experienced life's best and worst. Standing behind a lens has taught me things in life I could have only dreamed. My own life has shaped the photographer I am today.


I have learned to love God. Love people. Love life.

Faith, family and photography.

I hope you enjoy the story, and I would love to share yours.


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I would love to narrate your fairy tale wedding story with photography.


To book a phone consultation please fill in your contact information below and I will reach out in 24-48 hours, sometimes sooner depending on my current travel schedule, and send you my pre-consultation booking calendar.


Each piece of information below is important.


Name, so I know who has contacted me. Email and phone, so we can connect quickly. And address, well, because I'm a little old school and love hand written thank you notes. :)


Thank you for your information! I will be in touch soon!


Photography...a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

- Thurms

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