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Unusual Perspective for Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Most blog posts on the topic of choosing your venue tell you all the things you should do.  They tell you to sit down and go over your budget. They suggest that you make a list of “must have” characteristics for your venue.  And, the list goes on… We’re an unusual kind of venue and so we suggest a different approach to choosing your venue.

First: Picture Your Wedding Day

That’s right, close your eyes and try to realistically imagine your wedding day.  You might envision chandeliers and a grand ballroom.  You might envision a big field and hay bails for seating.  There’s lots of room between the two for you to find the wedding environment that suits you.

Second: Locate Venues that Fit Your Vision

Make a list of venues you think fit most of the characteristics you envision.

Third: Talk to Each Venue

Have a real conversation with each venue.  One that involves more than just the price tag.  Not all venue owners are the same.  Some are more helpful than others.  The price of a wedding venue might vary from one event to the next because the needs are different.  This is certainly true with our venue.


What’s Wrong with the Price War?

We get emails and phone calls from brides that begin with “how much?” all the time.  This approach works if you are dealing with most venues that have a set price for space and space is all they offer.  That type of venue does not care what you are doing with your wedding because they won’t be there to help you with it.  You are on your own!  We think the process for choosing your wedding venue should work like dating. Get to know the venues on your list of choices a little bit first, you’ll be glad you did!

Are You Having a Love Affair with Low Price?

Every bride has a budget.  But, looking for the cheapest venue is not always the best idea.  Sometimes the urge to save money back fires, becoming a really stressful and “no fun” wedding experience.  The cheapest venues tend to offer only space with no regard to helping your day go smoothly.  If you envisioned getting up early to race around trying to decorate your venue and setup tables and chairs yourself.  Struggling to get everything done.  Running back home to take the fastest shower ever and then racing to your ceremony – then choosing a cheap venue to DIY your entire wedding might be perfect for you.

Decorating the Cheap Venue

Cheap weddings cost money and time.  Sometimes a cheap venue costs more to decorate then a slightly more expensive venue that you love the look of.  There are some venues that include some decorating.  Make sure to consider this when choosing a venue.  Decorating can become very expensive.  And, there’s probably no amount of decorating that can make you love a venue you didn’t really like but chose simply for the price.

Discounted Dates

Some couples choose to wait until closer to their wedding date to seek their venue.  This way they may be able to get a discount for a date that remained open.  This can also backfire, leaving only venues you don’t like with the date available.  However, this can be a good option if you can be flexible about the date.

Where Does Our Flower Farm Fit?

Well, the truth is that we are one of the very few venues in the area that works within most budgets.  We’d give a necessary discount to a couple who truly loves our space to make the wedding they really want possible.  This would be a couple that wants an outdoor wedding, who appreciates that we have covered space in case of rain.  It would be a couple who loves the look and feel of our venue and the fact that we provide so much help.

This is what makes our perspective different.

And, it is why making the price the first question and deciding factor is not the best choice.