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Ask About Renovations Planned for 2020 Before Booking

Tours available by appointment only, contact us today to schedule yours.


What’s Included?…

  • Capacity up to 75 guests
  • White drape is provided
  • White or Gray Table Covers
  • DJ / Music Services
  • Use of Bridal Suite
  • Use of Garden for Ceremony
  • Use of Barn for Reception
  • Parking for up to 60 cars
  • Rehearsal the day before
  • 4 hours setup/prep time
  • 5 hours for event
  • 1 hour for cleanup

We provide a CLEAN, LANDSCAPED space before each event.


What's the required deposit to hold a date?
  • If the date is less than 6 months away, a 50% deposit is required
  • If the date is less than 12 months away, a 30% deposit is required

All our contracts include an easy monthly payment plan to help your budget stay on track for your wedding.

Can I serve home cooking or DIY my meal?


We DO NOT have a kitchen space on our property.  All food to be served must arrive READY TO SERVE.  We do allow “family cooking” or you may hire the caterer of your choosing but please make your decisions knowing that food cannot be prepared or cooked here.

You will need chafer GEL fuel to keep your hot food hot AND ice to keep your cold food cold.  We do not provide these things.  We do have chafers here that you can borrow for your event.  We can advise you on how to organize your food so that your wedding day is easier.  We are not a restaurant, we do not hold a serve safe license and we cannot serve your food for you.

Can I hire my own DJ or use my iphone for music?


No.  I am sorry.  We do not allow either of these options for your entertainment.  Many DJs today are using live streaming much like your iphone.  We do not have a stable wifi or cell signal in this area most of the time.  We rather not take the chance on your songs buffering during your event.

What is the booking process?


  1. Contact us to schedule a tour
  2. We’ll discuss your event needs at the tour
  3. You will get a contract by email to review before you pay your deposit
  4. No date is ever held without a paid deposit

What is our alcohol policy?


We allow BEER WINE and/or CHAMPAGNE ONLY.  We are located in a partially dry county.  No LIQUOR or MIXED DRINKS will be permitted anywhere on our property.