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Our Exclusive Invitation & RSVP Program

No one knows the importance of RSVPs better than your venue or caterer.  Your RSVPs will be used to determine the number of tables and chairs required for your ceremony and reception.  It will also determine how much food is needed.  Both of these details can cause have a huge impact on your wedding bills.  Getting an accurate count of who is coming to your wedding usually lowers your wedding expenses.  This is because most of the time not every guest can attend.  Now that we have established the importance of the RSVP.  Let’s talk about how to get them done affordably

Invitation Plus

Most invitation companies want to sell you an invitation, separate directions card and an RSVP card plus 2 envelopes.  This is all about making money for them.  But, at Dogwood Hill we have exclusive “one piece” invitations.  The front features your invitation.  The RSVP instructions and directions are provided on the back.  Costs less to print and there is no additional pieces for your guests to lose.  We offer these in a single postcard layout or a double sided invitation with one envelope.  They are easy and convenient for you and your guests.

The Online RSVP

Our online rsvp service makes replying to your invitation easy, free and instant.  About two weeks before your wedding we’ll send you the list of people who RSVP’d in alphabetical order.  Then all you have to do is follow up with those who did not reply to remind them to please complete the online RSVP process.  Use of the RSVP service is FREE with the purchase of any of our invitations.

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