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We offer two different styles of invitations. 

The POSTCARD STYLE is exactly as it sounds, it’s a postcard without any need for an envelope.  On the front, your beautiful invitation.  On the back, how to RSVP and directions to our location.  Its an affordable and convenient way to share all your details.

The DOUBLE SIDED STYLE is similar to the postcard in that the front is your beautiful invitation, the back is your RSVP instructions and directions.  The difference is that these come with an envelope for a more traditional mailing.  These designs also allow for more details to be printed on the back, to possibly include hotel accommodations or gift registry information.

Both styles are available in packs of 50, 75 or 100

PERSONALIZING YOUR INVITATIONS is easy, after you place your order there is an online form for submitting your wording here http://www.dogwoodweddings.com/6-wedding-invitations/.

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