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The History of Our Property

Located in East Tennessee, our flower farm is set against pastures on three sides with Starr Mountain right across the street.  The property used to be a working tobacco and livestock farm, back in the day.  It laid vacant and unappreciated for a number of years before we decided to take on the challenge of renovating it in winter of 2016.

In 2016, when we started renovations, this is what we had to work with…


Opening the Gate

With a philosophy that regular people should be able to afford a reasonably nice wedding without going into debt, we set out to create a competitively priced wedding venue on our farm.  When we opened the gate to our first wedding on this property in spring of 2017 this is what the space looked like…

We Didn’t Stop There

Even though we opened the doors for weddings in March 2017, we continued to work improvements into our schedule through all of the year.  By autumn this is how the space looked…

The Year of Flowers

It took all of the spare time we had from 2016 right through 2017 to get the barn and buildings the way we needed them to be.  The winter of 2017 would be all about the finishing touches and flowers, flowers, flowers.  As I write this it’s January of 2018, more than 2,500 perennial flowering plant bulbs were just planted before the holidays.  Our space features 30+ rose bushes, several gardenias, hibiscus, and flowering Cleveland Pear trees that were all planted in the course of the past year.  And, we’re just getting started.  In late February the next round of planting will be done for the summer and fall flower varieties.  Our space will then have more than 5,000 perennial flowering plants.

Here’s some of what is growing in the space:

Coming in time for Spring 2019 Weddings

The next round of planting, which will happen sometime this year, will be hybrid rose bushes.  These are some of the varieties on order:

And, We’re Still Going Strong

You simply won’t find people who will work harder or care more!  Everyone has their good and bad days.  We’re just decent hardworking people who put 100% into work and life as often has humanly possible.  We love our property and we’ll continue to work at making it the best that it can be.

We don’t control the weather, the attitudes of guests or other professionals you might hire, and so we cannot promise you perfection.  But we do promise to deliver a clean, simply beautiful space that people consistently call “beautiful”.  And, we promise to try to be as helpful as we can throughout your wedding planning adventure.