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Fresh Wedding Flowers in East Tennessee

If the prices were the same there might still be reasons for choosing silk over fresh wedding flowers in East Tennessee but we can’t think of any!  Fresh flowers just make a wedding or special occasion that much more beautiful, warm and sincere.  The way we feel about live flowers is exactly why we’re a flower farm.

We have around 200 hybrid rose bushes growing on our property.  We harvest in-season flowers for weddings and occasions.  We also purchase directly from growers located all around the world.  This makes fresh flowers a more affordable option.  And, when you want specific types of flowers (that are not be grown here) we can still help you with affordable fresh flowers through our growers network.

Pictured right: The Webster Haugh Wedding, the bride had her heart set on lots of yellow roses.  We delivered!

fresh wedding flowers - hydrangeas

Save Money with “In Season” Wedding Flowers

If you want beautiful flowers but you’re on a budget, ask about our “in season” flowers.  Our perennial flowers cost less because they are grown right here.  We grow several varieties specialty tulips, lilies and 29 species of roses on our land.

Roses are a staple in the wedding industry.  They’re consistently availabel in a wide selection all year round.  That meaks them the easiest ond one of the most affordable fresh flower solutions for weddings.

We provide wedding flowers for weddings on our flower farm AND at other venues around the area. So, even if you chose another location as your venue, we’d still love to work with you to bring beautiful love flowers to your ceremony and reception.

fresh wedding flowers in east tennessee

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