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Please read our rules and suggestions located on the left side.

Rules When Visiting Dogwood Hill

Because we are a farm and because we have a lot invested in our property and crops, we do have some basic rules we ask all guests to abide by so that everyone can have a great time!

We’re an Outdoor Venue

Plan for the weather.  We consider ourselves an outdoor venue.  There is no way to heat or air condition and outdoor space.  Dress accordingly.  We suggest wearing good, comfortable shoes, too.  There are many different walking surfaces in our space including stone/rocks, grass, carpet, and there are some areas with steps. Rule #1 – guests and children should wear shoes on all grassy and gravel or stone areas to protect your feet (from fire ants, etc).  The dance floor and many other areas of our reception barn are covered with artificial grass flooring, shoes may be taken off when you are on those surfaces.

We Care About Our Crops

We may be the prettiest little farm you will ever see with our many flowers.  But, our flowers are part of our crops, they get harvested annually for wedding floral services.  Rule #2 – No walking in, trampling or picking our flowers please.

No Smoking in the Barn

Our reception barn is an authentic 100+ year old barn that has been customized and renovated to be our “garden reception barn”.  Much of the barn has been repaired and preserved with salvaged period correct barn wood.  For these reasons, Rule #3 is no smoking in the reception barn

Family Friendly

We love families and we do our best to keep our space child friendly.  But, please, Rule #4 is all children should be accompanied and minded by one or more adults at all times.  We do not allow children to climb on the furniture, structures or rocks.  Children will not be permitted to run in our flowers or pick them.

Respect the Property

Rule #5 – Anyone causing damage to our property may be politely asked to leave.  Guests should not play with the lights or the sound system.  If you find that anything needs adjustment please ask for assistance.

Have Good Fun

Rule #6 – have fun!  We provide lawn games.  There’s a photo booth area.  There’s plenty of things for even the non-dancing guests to enjoy here.





  • We're a flower farm and any event held here is considered an outdoor event. To the left are our rules and suggestions for your safety and comfort. When you RSVP to attend you are also accepting these rules.