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by The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill

There’s no better place than here to find out everything you need to know to plan a fun and beautiful country garden wedding.  Follow our wedding planning blog for easy to read, nonsense-free information and ideas specifically related to planning your country garden wedding in east Tennessee.  Our blog is a great place to find some delicious recipes, instructions for creating your own DIY favors, decorating ideas, and so much more!

You, Your Venue Search & the Price War

Unusual Perspective for Choosing Your Wedding Venue Most blog posts on the topic of choosing your venue tell you all the things you should do.  They tell you to sit down and go over your budget. They suggest that you make a list of “must have”... read more

Wedding Day Timeline

What is a Wedding Day Timeline? A Wedding Day Timeline organizes the activities of the day into manageable chunks and creates a schedule that is more of a guideline than an exact or rigid schedule. Why Do You Need One? The largest purpose of the timeline is to make... read more

The Nearly Extinct RSVP

The RSVP, Another Tradition Nearly Lost In twenty years of working in the wedding industry I have seen traditions come and gone.  None pain me more than the loss of the RSVP.  It is as if people have forgotten why an RSVP is so important. What does RSVP mean?... read more

Children & Your Wedding

Inviting Children, or Not. There’s articles all over the internet and pages in every wedding planning book dedicated to the topic of children at weddings.  Everyone in the industry has their “take” on this stressful topic.  Besides your opinion and... read more

All the Best from Our Wedding Planner

We’re Your Venue AND Your Planners – Now what? Some brides pay more for just their venue and then are left to figure it all out themselves.  But, The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill is different.  We have a wedding planning professional on board and ready to... read more

We’ve Got the Music!

From DJs to the JukeBox We’ve got solutions for all your music needs Preferred DJs Ask about our list of preferred DJs.  Nothing “brings the party” like the right Master of Ceremonies and good music!  Every DJ has their own personal style.  Whether... read more

Beautiful Wedding Flowers, Done!

Wedding Flowers Fresh From Our Farm Today, we’re taking a look at fresh wedding flowers.  Lots of people are under the impression that they cannot afford fresh flowers for their wedding.  Fresh flowers, like Valentine’s Day roses, have been known to carry... read more

On the Flower Farm

Raising the Flower Farm We’ve survived more than two years of market test, renovations, adjusting and tweaking to get to the point of planting flower beds.  Everyone we talk to talks about how beautiful our place is.  People rarely bring up how much work is... read more

Trending: Prairie Garden Romance

The Prairie Garden Wedding Country Wedding, More Romantic & Refined You probably think that The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill has been a little more than two years in the making with no prior history.  You’re half right.  We’re a two-years young wedding... read more

Why Book Your Venue A Year Ahead?

The Advantages of Booking a Year in Advance We see quite a few brides shopping for a venue with less than 8 months to plan their wedding.  Today, brides do not necessarily pick the venue first.  Often, brides already have their dress before they come to us about our... read more

Introducing: Our New RSVP Service

The Benefits of the RSVP Twenty years ago most couples would have never thought of sending out their invitations without the RSVP card.  Today, not only do people send invitations without the RSVP, even people who include and RSVP find they don’t receive a... read more

Welcome! Pre-Season Tour Day

Big Changes & Added Value Join Us for Pre-Season Tour Day on January 13th  Sign up on Facebook for a free swag bag at the gate.   When we came to east Tennessee we never could have imagined we’d be owning a wedding venue.  I thought I’d be running... read more

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