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Your Wedding Flowers

Going to start with the common questions first:


You’ll probably wan a bride’s bouquet for yourself and attendants bouquets for your bridesmaids.  The bride’s bouquet is larger with smaller simpler styles for the attendants in your wedding party

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are those flowers on the jackets of the gentleman.  You’ll need one for the groom, one for the best man and each groomsman, and the gentleman who walks you down the aisle.

Mother's Corsages

Sometimes the Mothers and Grand Mothers are gifted wrist corsages in coordinating wedding flowers.  This is optional, of course.


Sometimes centerpieces are not floral at all.  Your Shopping List included options we offer for LED candles and lanterns, rental centerpieces, etc… or you may be making your own centerpieces.  If you want your centerpieces to match your bouquet you should have them all make together.

Number of Tables
  • There are 10 small tables in our reception barn.  Each table top is appx 3×4 feet in size.
  • There are 3 large tables in our reception barn with tops measuring appx 3×8 feet in size.
  • There is 1 custom dining booth in the reception barn with the top measuring 4×6.5 feet in size.
  • There is 1 round table in the reception barn with a top measuring 6 feet in size.
  • There is 1 rustic wood table for two for the bride & grom

We offer table covers for all our tables in a limited selection of in stock colors.  That information is available on the decorating page.

For centerpieces you should make 2 for EACH large table is they are small, 1 for all remaining tables.  Its good to have a few extra in case one gets broken (if there is wind).  There are plenty of little spaces where an additional centerpiece can look great!  We won’t waste them!

About The Form

This form is optional.  It is used if you want to get a quote for flowers from our partner florist Stems by DeLisle.  her service is partnered with our farm fresh flowers to meet all your floral needs.  You can, of course, get your flowers elsewhere but this is the service we recommend. Its an affordable and convenient option.  All your flowers would be here instead of you having to pick them up and transport them.

Outside Florist

  • If you hired a florist other than our in house florist and they will deliver flowers on the wedding day PLEASE provide their contact details so we can follow up with them to make sure the flowers arrive on time

Quote for Bridal Party Flowers

  • This section is used to request a quote from our on staff florist to design your flowers.
  • It is often more affordable to choose the colors and let the florist pick the type of flowers, allowing her to work with things that are in season both on and off our property. Keep this in mind when specifying what types of flowers you may want.
  • Include father of the bride and officiant in the number if you want them to have a flower along with the groom, best man and groomsmen.

Quote for Centerpieces