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Shopping for Your Wedding

In addition to your dress, you’ve probably been shopping for your wedding.  There’s a list of things the the couple usually brings and then keeps as mementos of the day.  And, there’s additional “cute” ideas for decorating that you might have purchased to incorporate into the wedding.  This page deals with these details AND things you can borrow or rent from Dogwood in order to save money.

Mementos & Personalizing the Space

Toasting glasses, cake knife, cake topper… these are some of the things you may need to have on hand for your wedding.  They often become keepsakes after the event.

Some choose not to have toasting glasses.  They rather just use the same cups as their guests.  That’s totally fine, its all up to you.  This list is really just about our staff knowing what you will be bringing so we can plan for how these items will fit into the space.  Its also about making sure, for example, that when you go to cut the cake there is a knife there (even if you don’t have one of your own).

Bride’s Emergency Kit

A bride’s emergency kit should have makeup remover, clear nail polish, tweezers, comb, brush, q-tips, scissors, needle and white thread, safety pins, box of tissues, band aids, crackers, can of ginger ale, mints candy or gum, and bottled water.  These are things people commonly ask us for during a typical wedding day.  You should to bring your own emergency kit.  We may have some of these items laying around if you need them but we’re not likely to have them all readily on hand.

Toys & Activities for Children

If you have children in the wedding party or coming to the venue before the event begins – bring juice, snacks and things to entertain them.  Though we do have lawn games here for the crowd, children who arrive early would tire of them before the wedding begins.  Books, matchbox cars, a puzzle, a favorite stuffed animal – these things go a long way with younger kids who are spending the day in a place they’ve never been.

Centerpieces for Tables

We have a whole bunch of great centerpiece options ranging from LED Candles and Lanterns to silk or live flowers.  Ask us about these wonderful choices.

Your Send Off

Most people like to do a Send Off.  We allow bubbles, butterflies, birdseed and sparklers.  We do not allow confetti or silly string because its just far to difficult to clean up.

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