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Wedding Invitations

Lots of places sell wedding invitations.  You can ultimately make them yourself or purchase them where ever you would like to.  There’s a few things to consider.

  • Directions – The correct address to your venue and directions are very important so guests don’t get lost.
  • RSVP Cards – Getting RSVP Cards can actually save you money.  This way you are not buying more food or renting chairs for people who are not coming to your wedding.  Make sure your guests have some way to RSVP and a date they need to do it by.
  • RSVP Date – comfortable would be not less than 3 weeks before the wedding so that you can follow up on missing replies and still have time to adjust your catering order.

Our Invitations are All in One

We have exclusive invitation designs that feature the invitation on one side with RSVP instructions and Directions on the back.  These are convenient for guests because they won’t lose additional cards and they RSVP on our website so there is not trip to the post office or postage.  They also cost less than buying all those cards separately.

If you want to purchase our invitations you can check them out online here: OUR INVITATION SHOP. Find a style you like, order your quantity online and then the form you see on the right of this page is where you would fill out your personalized wording to go on them.

Our Venue Address:

The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill or Dogwood Hill Flower Farm (which ever way you prefer our name)

397 County Road 876, Englewood TN 37329



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