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The Officiant & Your Vows

Your officiant will help you with the wording of your ceremony and your vows.  You will work with him or her putting together the ceremony, including any ritual (such as a sand ceremony) that you may want.  We have a couple of officiants who have done well with ceremonies here.  We keep them listed in our Services Booklet.  Ask if you need a copy of this booklet.

The Unity Ritual

The unity ritual is an option pert of your ceremony, it is usually inserted after your vows but before you are pronounced Husband and Wife.  There are many different rituals out there, if you find one that speaks to you you are welcome to add it.  We ask for this information so we know if we need to provide a table in the ceremony space for you to perform the ritual you chose.

The Bridal Party

Your bridal party should be made up of your close personal friends or relatives.  These are usually the people you count on most in life for support and love.  In keeping with that, these should be the people most likely to be helpful in the planning and organization of your wedding.

The Ceremony Music

You provided your ceremony music in the ENTERTAINMENT FORM you completed.  Now this form will give us the names of the people in your bridal party.  That will make a rehearsal so much easier – being able to address people by name instead of “hey you”.  It will also help us to communicate with all of you on the wedding day.

Hand Fasting Ritual

Sand Ceremony Ritual



Your Ceremony Music


The Ceremony

  • Gather up your song choices and bridal party details, you'll need to tell us and/or your hired DJ what music you want played for your ceremony. All songs listed are in the order of a traditional procession. All fields are REQUIRED so please type NONE in the space of any song space that is not applicable. If you will use the SAME song for more than one put the song info in the first location and SAME in the applicable spaces that follow. (ie: bridesmaids, ring bearer and flower girl all walking down the aisle to the same song) Here we go....

After The Ceremony

  • Usually the bridal party and immediate family do formal photos around the property at this time.

Additional Thoughts