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Its in the Music!

All 2019 wedding packages include basic music services.  You can upgrade to a preferred DJ for just $200 more.  What’s the difference?

A preferred DJ brings more than music. In many cases he or she brings a personality.  A professional also will customize your entire evening of music, where you get to pick every song that is played.  They have slightly different equipment and software than we do.

Our music services will customize your ceremony and special dance music AND we’ll have about 25 special request songs loaded up that are provided to us before the wedding.  The rest of the time our system plays shuffled libraries of the top 700 songs requested at weddings.  In many cases the music you’d choose in customizing a list with a DJ is 80% covered by what we normally play.  The only time this is not true is when your favorite music is not a mix of main stream top 40 and oldies.  Our music plays a random shuffle so you are not actually picking every song in the order you want them to play.


Can’t Touch This

MC Hammer had it goin’ on when he coined the phrase.  With the exception of choosing songs on our JukeBox Kiosk screen (which is made available to you and your immediate family) all our music equipment can only be operated by a member of our staff.  Any guest caught inside the sound booth tampering with the equipment will be politely asked to leave the property.  Signage is posted to let them know that they should not enter the sound booth.  Our sound equipment is expensive to replace and its sensitive.  We would not want your event abruptly ended by a lack of music caused by damage to our system.

Don’t Drop the Box

Don’t bring a boom box here thinking you can successfully DIY your music.  It will, pardon our directness, suck!  The large open space of our venue requires multiple strong speakers and a lot of watts to carry the sound with any kind of quality.  Your iphone or tablet won’t work either. Most of those gadgets live stream and the mountain makes signal quality here spotty at best.  You’re guests won’t love the buffering!

Reception Entertainment


Enter Reception


Cut The Cake


Special Dances


Bouquet & Garter


General Reception

  • If you opted to use out RSVP online services, guests will reply with a song for your request list. We do not play any music with explicit language at a wedding (parents and grandparents do not like it). You can list up to 25 additional request songs below

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