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Food & Beverages

There is a lot to talk about here.  Food for your wedding may be  one of your more expensive purchases and so you will want your money spent wisely.  We have several local caterers we recommend who are reasonably priced and do an excellent job consistently.  They are listed in our Referral Services Booklet.  Just ask for a copy if you don’t already have one.

Caterers & What They Do

Sure catering does cost more than buying food and preparing it yourself.  But, how exhausted do you really want to be at your own wedding?  If your Mom volunteers to do the food, are both you and she willing to NOT having her in wedding photos while she hurries to finish setting up the buffet?  Are you willing to stay after your wedding to clean everything up?  A decent caterer takes all these worries away!

Let’s Talk DIY

DIY’ing your food can work but it is often more work that people think it will be.  There are a number of additional things to consider.  How much ice do you need to keep cold foods cold?  How do you keep hot foods hot?  Will your buffet setup look nice like a wedding buffet should or will it look like a bake sale at the local flea market?  Who will set it all up and keep it stocked?  Who will clean up?

Sadly, we cannot help you with preparation or handling of your food.  Its a health code and food safety thing!  We can carry cases of canned soda but we cannot mix your coleslaw or even allow it to be prepared here.  We are not a restaurant and do not have the proper health code permits for this.  As you read this, you probably think it all sounds reasonable.  But, your friends/family who are bringing the food don’t read the forms or contracts so they will not understand.  We’ve been called rude simply for not being able to take over food preparations while family members go take photos together.  its not fair, but it happens.  If you MUST do the food yourself we need to make sure everyone handling the food knows that we cannot do it for them.

Our Buffet Setup Kit

We’ve done quite a few DIY buffets here.  We’ve seen the best and the worst of them unfold right in front of our eyes.  From those experiences we have put together a Buffet Setup Kit that can help insure success.  The kit includes:

  • We give you disposable liners that fit right into chafing dishes, these liners allow you to cook your food in them, cover them with the provided cover and transport the hot food to our venue safely without spilling it in your car.  Once here, the liners drop right into our chafers and the stearno fuel is lit – keeping your food warm until it is served.
  • We give you high quality disposable serving utensils.  Trust me you’ll be glad you bought our kit!  We’ve seen so many people try to DIY their food who do not bring any serving utensils.
  • We provide the ice and the chafer fuel for keeping your food cold or hot as required.
  • We provide additional trays and caddies for things like dining utensils, napkins, rolls, etc…
  • We setup the buffet, cleaning and dressing the area and setting up the chafers so they are in place when you arrive.
  • We clean all of our equipment after the wedding so you don’t have to.

Is the Buffet Setup Kit Required for Your Event?

If you do not hire a caterer, and you plan on serving a buffet, the Buffet Setup Kit is REQUIRED for your event.  However, it is NOT required if you serve ONLY COLD FOOD and bring all your own dishes and ice.  And, it is NOT required if you do something similar to what one couple did – they had Pizzas delivered after the ceremony.

Let Us Eat Cake

We have a few local bakers we recommend for your wedding cake.  Some people choose to get their cake from the local grocery store bakery or a friend.  I have two things to say here.

First – not all cakes are created equally.  A wedding cake from a grocery store bakery will not be made from scratch using the same quality ingredients that would come from a baker who specializes in wedding cakes.

Second – Delivery please!  If you plan to have a three or four tier cake, please consider paying for the professional delivery.  Cakes arrive all kinds of slanted, falling over and smashed when a “friend” tries to bring it here and set it up.  Its also a big responsibility for that friend or relative who will ultimately feel terrible if the cake gets damaged.

Food, Beverages & Cake

  • If you plan to serve a buffet or any kind of meal and you plan to do it yourself (without a professional caterer) Your menu may require the purchase of our buffet setup package. See details at left.