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Your Photography

We have a list of preferred photographers we can offer you.  These photographers got on our list by being on time, having a good attitude and consistently meeting their customers’ expectations.  We do not collect a fee or commission for referring them.

A few helpful words about photographers….

  • Pick a photographer who is pleasant, and wants to be part of a “team” effort to make your special day the best that it can be.
  • Definitely review their work, and read your contract carefully.
  • Always complete a “must have photos” list with your photographer

Consider A Professional Video

I did not have a video done when I got married.  I also didn’t have videos made throughout most of my life’s most important moments.  Looking back, its one of the single largest regrets I have.  Why? Because since then several key people in my life have passed away.  I now have moments when I wish so much that I could hear their voice just one more time.  I can never get that back!

Our referral booklet does include recommendations for video.

photo credit:  Amber Bigham, Memories Captured Forever Photography

photo credit: KB Hanley Photography

Your Photography & Video Plans