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Thank You for Making Us Your Wedding Venue

The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill has been a labor of love for us since 2015.  It was built with hard work, grit and community spirit.  The goal was to provide an affordable place for the average local couple to have a wedding without going in to debt and without having to sacrifice the celebration or nice wedding photos.

Couples who got married here are encouraged to contact us if you’d like to take an anniversary photo here this year (2019), its free for you to come do that.

Our vintage concrete benches in the ceremony garden will be for sale spring 2020, if you’d like a piece of your wedding venue for a memento.  Our Hybrid rose bushes and other perennial plants around the space are for sale as well.  Other remaining assets of the venue will be for sale as we catalog and post them on various sales channels.

We’ve loved meeting all the wonderful families we’ve helped.  We’ll miss that part of this business.  But, its time for us to retire from the wedding industry.  We’re not such a young couple anymore.  Running an outdoor wedding space is a lot more work than people probably realize.

Thank you so much for letting us play a part in the beginning of your new life together!  We love all of you!

God Bless!