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Congratulations!  You’re engaged! Let the hectic pace of planning your wedding begin!  That is, unless The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill as your East Tennessee wedding venue. Why?  Because we’re wedding planners who just happen to have a beautiful country garden wedding venue.  Being a wedding planning service makes us so much more than just the location for your wedding.   We take all the guess work out of how to have a seccuessful outdoor wedding.  it’s like hiring a wedding planner and getting your venue for free!

You’ve probably already started thinking up a very long list of things to buy and tasks to take care of.  You may be  wondering, “how on Earth will I get it all done?” Consider letting The Flower Farm at Dogwood Hill have the honor of assisting you with all of your wedding needs.  We’re actually an event planning service that happens to have a venue space.  We help our clients with a lot more than just space.  From decorating and floral to invitations and music, we’re there every step of your most special day.  We may be the only wedding venue in the area offering so much help (at our price point) so that you can “keep it simple and last forever”!

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Wedding Flowers

Besides there being around 200 hiybrid rose bushes on our property, which is how we got our name, we work directly with growers to bring beautiful fresh wedding flowers to our weddings.

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Balloon Bouqets & Balloon Decor

We keep a variety of helium balloons in stock.  We’re ready to help you celebrate every occasion in your life from a birthday to a wedding!

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